FutureOn is hosting

the first annual


at ADIPEC 2019

Norwegian Pavilion Hall 8. Stand 8916


Digital Showcase

FutureOn is pleased to announce the first annual SUBSEA DIGITAL ALLIANCE at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi in Nov 2019.


FutureOn is joining forces with the best Norwegian subsea and subsurface solutions and bringing them to ADIPEC to showcase how smart collaborative digital technology is meant to work.


For oil and gas companies looking to realize digital’s long-term potential, you will discover how the Alliance brings together a multitude of technology innovators who are already revolutionizing this industry.

RagnaRock Geo - Exploration. AI software applications to enable data-driven and more efficient seismic interpretation.

Oliasoft - Drilling and Wells. Software that helps drilling engineers make cost efficient, safe and effective oil wells.

FutureOn - Field Development. FieldTwin is a data visualization and collaboration cloud platform that helps field developers make better and faster decisions.

Entail - Engineering. Automation and cloud computing to dramatically increase the efficiency of analysis engineering workflows using Orcaflex integrated with FieldTwin.

WINS - Operations. Delivering wireless systems for operators to retrofit live downhole data to enable a true digitalization of the field for optimized production and recovery.

Digital Energy - All phases – A comprehensive suite of AI and Machine learning algorithms that can be integrated with any data set to support predictive analytics and process improvements.


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About Us

FutureOn is passionate about empowering energy companies to become digital leaders.

We’re a PaaS digital technology firm supporting energy companies'​ subsea field development projects through the use of our cloud-based platform, FieldTwin. By implementing FieldTwin within workflows, we're enabling the Digital Twin of the subsea field to digitize project data, visualize digital subsea field installations, and enable global team collaboration.

Together, we're helping oil and gas companies get to first oil faster.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices globally. FutureOn® is a digital technology innovator enabling customers to see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices.

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